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Device for mass refuelling of canisters


The device is composed of 40 sounding pipes
ended with drain valves of 1" diameter, provided
with air-operated control, that are welded
inside the collector, making a complex set together with the canister posts. The collector
is provided with a fluid indicator that enables
measuring of refuelling level at the post. Converters mounted with the fluid indicator allow
the control signal to be used for performing
the canister refuelling cycle defined by the
user, both for maximal and minimal fuel level
in the device.

Supply method of the air-operated control
system: compressed air 0.4-0.7 Mpa
The device enables refuelling up to 1500 20-l
canisters /per one hour.


The device is designed for simultaneous
refuelling 20-l canisters with liquid fuels. Air-operated system for valves control used
in the device enables individual or simultaneous refuelling up to 40 canisters.

According to assumed requirements the device may be adapted for various types of canisters.
The refuelling system enables suitable adjusting of its capacity to predefined needs, taking into
account the number, volume, and type of the canisters. Moreover, the device may be implemented in a standard container, thus allowing for full mobility of the whole system and its operation under field conditions.


The device enables:

  • refuelling up to 1500 20-l
  • canisters /per one hour.

device for mass refuelling of canisters
device for mass refuelling of canisters



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