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Tanker truck - distributor


Tanker truck - distributor set type
is designed for tanking, transportation, temporary storage and refueling of aviation
equipment from truck container with dehydrated and purified aircraft fuel code NATO F-34
class 3 according to ADR. Type CND27 may operate in open environment in the temperature
range from - 30oC to +50oC. It is designed for transportation on rail platform with international
clearance gauge RIV according to PN and with clearance gauge according to STANAG 3832 and
also for ferry transportation.



  • two emergency triangles
  • emergency lights
  • two dry powder extinguishers
  • two under-wheel wedges
  • spare wheel for tractor and trailer (1+1)

Distribution set:

ATS 1500/400 type designed for aircraft tankers for pressure and no-pressure fuel feeding of
aircrafts with aircraft fuel NATO F-34, with ability to defueling aircrafts and fuel pumping between outside tanks and function of fuel mixing.

  • Pressure fuel feeding (CARTER head) -
    Qmax = 1500 dm3/min,
  • non-pressure fuel feeding (nozzle) - Qmax = 350 dm3/min.

Basic technical data
Truck tractor:

  • Jelcz C642D.35, version FL/ADR, diesel engine IVECO type CURSOR 8 with turbocompressor, water cooled, max power 259 KW (352 KM, fulfills EURO-3 norm,
  • power transmission system 6x4,
  • wheel base 3400+1350 mm,
  • tyre 275/70 R22,5 ,
  • double-circuit braking system, with braking force regulation and ABS

Weight and dimension:

  • Lenght: 15440 mm
  • Widht: 2530 mm
  • Height: 2940 mm
  • Complete vehicle kerb weight 21150 kg
  • Maximum complete weight 42000 kg
  • Tanker-trailer weight and dimension:
  • Lenght: 10625 mm
  • Width: 2530 mm
  • Height: 2870 mm

Wheel base of three-axle set with pneumatic suspension and single wheels 1310+1310 mm tire 385/65R-22,5 pin 50,8 mm (2'')

Complete Tanker-Trailer kerb weight 9415 kg
Maximum authorized payload 20800 kg

Tanker trailer containers:

  • material: steel with increased endurance,
  • tank cross section - chest-type
  • internal shell resistant to aircraft kerosine
  • total capacity: 26900 dm3
  • no. of chambers: 1
  • chamber equipped with two inspection manholes diameter 500/250 and respiration valve, antiexplosion safety device, pneumatic fuel level sensor, bottom valves

Filling function:

  • upper: filling through filler in manhole cover o 250
  • bottom: with use of distribution node
    or present pump


  • gravitational drain with DN 100 KAMLOK
    draining hoses
  • drain through distribution set without measuring of fuel

Earthing system:

  • reel with conductor and pliers
  • bayonets
  • device with antistatic belt

tanker truck - distributor set type CND27



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