Containers for potable water
Containers for potable water
Containers for potable water

Containers for potable water are designed for transportation, storage, and distribution of potable water in field conditions, at particular stages of water supply to military troops. It is designed in two versions: with and without thermal insulation.
The container with thermal insulation is adapted for operation in any season of the year or day in the temperature range from -35oC to +55oC. Moreover, it may be used for fire extinction, wetting of ground or neutralizing weapons and equipment. The container disassembled from the vehicle may operate independently.

The container for potable water is built on a typical 10' or 20' container. It may also be based on the system of hook ontainers or Flatrack 20" pallet system.

Container tank capacity from 5m3 to 15m3, according to the container version.

All the parts being in contact with potable water are made of corrosion-resistant materials admitted to contact with food products.

Technical specification

(Container with a V-12 water tank and thermal insulation)

1. Container dimensions:

  • length - 6058mm,
  • width - 2438mm,
  • height - 2140mm,
  • total weight - 6 200 kg.

2. Tank dimensions:

  • Cross-section - chest type,
  • length - ~5200mm,
  • width - ~2140mm,
  • height - ~1334mm,
  • capacity - about 12m3,
  • material - acid resistant steel, epoxy resins.

3. Distribution installation.

  • maximal capacity with the use of the pump: - about 500 dm3/min
  • capacity with the use of gravitational drain: - about 50 dm3/min
  • capacity with the use of gravitational drain through the filling connection for small-size tanks: - about 25 dm3/min

Drain node functions:

  • top filling of the tank,
  • gravitational draining of the tank,
  • filling of small-size tanks.
  • Measurement of water quantity: - fluid indicator - fluid level of the tank,

The container with insulation is provided with isothermal walls and heating, preventing the tank water from freezing.