The Container Refueling Station
The Container Refueling Station
The Container Refueling Station

The Container Refueling Station is an uniform complex closed construction cased with trapezoid sheet and roofed. It includes the following modules:

  • Tank Module with technical room
  • Distribution module
  • Crew & Office Module

The tank module is composed of a steel container of 20m3 capacity with double shell, two chambers, provided with a system for monitoring fuel level in the container chambers and detecting leakages. It includes as well a filling & draining installation with self-suction pump of rated capacity equal to 500l/min, for filling and draining the tank. The distribution module is provided with two fuel pumps having petrol hoses wound on a reel.

The crew & office module includes a crew & office room provided with an electric furnace, toilets and wash-bowl, WC and electric water heating.

Module configuration may be adapted for specific needs, according to the requirements.

The Container refueling station is provided with an earthing system and lightning protector. Container roof has two roofdoors ensuring access to manholes of the container chambers. All the station rooms are provided with suitable locks preventing outsiders from accessing the unit.

Technical specification

1) Container filling system.

An impeller pump, capacity about 500 l/min, with electric drive, outlet pipe ended with a liquid seal (air-trap).

2) Fuel feeding system.

A fuel pump adapted to the fuel type. In case of two-chamber tanks a two-section pump is provided, enabling feeding two different fuels. The suction pipe is ended with a non-return valve.

3) Respiration system.

A respiration valve provided with fire protection adapted for operation with air-tight sealing system of tank filling.

4) Control & measurement equipment.

- signalization of leakage to inter-shell area,
- fuel level indicator.

5) Tank.

20m3 capacity, two-chambers, with double walls

6) Pumps.

Liquid fuel pumps of minimal capacity 90l/min or 90l/min and 50l/min with 9m outlet hoses on winding reels