Tank for water transportation and distribution
Tank for water transportation and distribution
Tank for water transportation and distribution

The tank truck built on an offroad type chassis is designed for transportation, storage, and distribution of potable water in field conditions, at particular stages of water supply to military troops. It is adapted for operation in any season of the year or day in the temperature range from -35oC to +50oC. Moreover, it may be used for fire extinction, wetting ground or deactivation of weapons and equipment.

Design and equipment of the tank truck enable transportation of 10m3 water at a time and filling&draining of the tank at variable rate, up to 1.000 dm3/min.

Two versions are available, of the capacities: 4,5m3; 8m3; 10m3.

All tank parts being in contact with potable water are made of corrosion-resistant materials admitted to contact with food products.

Technical specification

(the tank of 8m3 capacity)

1. The tank and distribution installation equipment:

Tank dimensions:

  • length - 4250 mm,
  • width - 2236 mm,
  • height - 1136 mm
  • total capacity - ok. 8,1 m3,
  • tank shell material - stainless acid
  • esistant steel, admitted for contacting with potable water

Distribution installation:

  • Filling&draining connections - Kamlok DN75, DN50.
  • Hoses:
  • made of rubber, with connections - Kamlok DN75, DN50,
  • made of fabric, with fire-connections - W52

Distribution node:

  • Impeller pump for water:
    • quality - for potable water,
    • maximal pump capacity - 1000 dm3/min,
    • pump drive - hydraulic,
  • Suction pump - piston vacuum type
  • Vane pump
  • Water meter
  • Filter
    • type - net,
    • filtration accuracy - 2,5 mm

2. Parameters of water outlet line:

  • maximal capacity with the use of pumps - about 1000 dm3/min
  • capacity with the use of gravitational drain - about 50 dm3/min,
  • capacity with the use of gravitational drain through the filling connection for small-size - about 25 dm3/min
  • capacity with the use of water pump and fire-hose nozzle-about 160 dm3/min
  • connected equipment:
    • outlet hoses, rubber, pressure-operated: - 2 pcs.,
    • rated diameter - DN50,
    • hose length - 12 m,
    • reducing terminals
    • fabric fire-hoses - W52,
    • water fire-hose nozzle - PWS-52/R.

3. Parameters of water filling line:

  • Tank filling rate - about 1000 dm3/min (suction from the level 4.5 m below the road surface),
  • gravitational drain rate - about 600 dm3/min
  • connected equipment:
    • rubber suction hoses - 4 pcs.,
    • rated diameter - DN75,
    • hose length - 3 m.
    • suction rose